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It’s a new year, which means hundreds of millions of resolutions were made earlier this week. People all across the country took the promise of a new year to jump start their desires to be more healthy, happy, active, better in control of their money and spend more time with family. All are popular New Year’s resolutions that are made with varying degrees of voracity each and every year.

While weight loss and being more charitable are always high on the list of resolutions, so too is productivity. People are always striving to get more out of their effort, streamline the way they do things in order to get more time back and ultimately become more efficient at all the things they have to do on a daily basis. Because Dragon is the ultimate productivity booster, we’ve done our best to help you boost productivity, and  talk about ways in which anyone can get a little more productive.

Today we wanted to highlight three ways that Dragon can help you be more productive in 2013:

Never “type” an email ever again: According to the Radicati Group, in 2011 the average corporate user sent and received an average of 112 email messages per day. No matter what anyone says, email is still a very popular (and necessary) method of communication. Dictation software like Dragon can help you transcribe up to 100 words per minute. Considering you probably average about 30-40 words per minute typing right now, the time saved composing just something as simple as email using Dragon would be significant. Try using Dragon to write all your emails in one day and see how much time it saves you, you might be shocked at the results! From there, dictating other documents will follow, as will some time back in your life.

Use Dragon Dictation for your phone: if you think it takes you a long time to type an email, it’s taking at least twice as long to do it on a smartphone. Dictation software can have an even bigger impact with a phone than on a desktop, depending on how proficient one is. Did you know that Dragon Dictation for smartphones allows you to speak into your phone and it quickly turns it into text that you can then send in a text message or email with just a few buttons? Test it out and see how much faster you are at speaking those quick text messages to friends, rather than typing on the smartphone keyboard. Chances are the results will be staggering. And for those of you that insist on texting while driving, dictation is certainly safer!

Don’t stop using social, use it more smartly: If you believe the hype, social media is the ultimate productivity killer.  But like any other activity, it’s not if you do it, it’s how often and how effective you are that determines if you’re abusing it. The truth is social media CAN be a productivity thief when done in excess and to the extremes. One way to use social media more smartly is to ask Dragon to help. Dragon Dictation for smartphones, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 and Dragon Dictate for Macintosh 3 all have the ability to update social media sites like Twitter and Facebook simply by talking. Rather than having to navigate to Facebook or Twitter and manually type an update, one can simply say “post to Facebook” and create an update within seconds using DNS or DD. Or when using Dragon Dictate for a smartphone, it’s easy to dictate something and share it to Facebook or Twitter with one button.

Have you used Dragon to increase your productivity? What other steps are you going to take to boost your productivity in 2013?

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