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On this week’s episode of Ask the Dictator, we’re sharing one of our *fan favorites* from the archives – Using Automator to Clean Up Your Mac Desktop!

Check it out here:

Ask the Dictator – Cleaning Up Your Desktop

If you have a topic that you’d like to suggest for a future episode, let us know right here in the comments, or better yet, go to our Ask the Dictator page here and submit your suggestion!

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The most powerful version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Legal is here! Version 12 delivers increased accuracy and enhancements designed to help legal professionals boost productivity, streamline transcription and reduce costs – all with the power of voice.

The new and improved Dragon Legal features the same core enhancements found in the recently released Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 – including the ability to create and annotate documents and control a PC with your voice – but with capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of legal professionals.

Included in the newest version of Dragon Legal is a special language model to help users achieve the best possible out-of-the-box accuracy when dictating legal terms. Dragon Legal has the ability to automatically format legal citations and allow the sharing of custom word lists that are most relevant to each practice or department. Dragon Legal even incorporates the ability for large firms or legal departments to allow administrators to obtain rich, objective Dragon usage information, which can help achieve even better recognition results and track return on investments.

Law firms and corporate legal departments now have the ability to easily speak and transcribe text in real time, instead of typing contracts, briefs, court documents, emails and more. Either in the office or on the go, Dragon Legal operates at speeds up to three times faster than typing, which reduces transcription costs, increases productivity and means faster turnaround times with documents.

New and Improved Features for Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Legal include:

New Levels of Accuracy & Performance – with up to 20 percent improvement in accuracy, Dragon Legal is the most reliable voice recognition for PC yet. So what does this mean for legal professionals? You can now speak naturally and Dragon can easily understand, allowing you to get more done in a shorter amount of time. The more time you spend using Dragon, the more you’ll notice your work experience transform.

  • Natural-sounding text-to-speech: For easy proofing and multitasking, you can fast-forward, rewind and speed and volume control that reads back editable text.
  • Smart Format Rules: Dragon Legal can adapt by detecting format corrections like abbreviations, numbers and more – this way dictated text always looks the way you want it to every time.
  • Interactive tutorial: This helps new users get acquainted with Dragon even faster through fun exercises to learn and practice dictation, correction and editing habits so all users have a good experience with Dragon Legal.

Streamlined Transcription – Dragon’s new Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) helps to manage the flow of transcribed text and synchronized audio of digital voice recordings, and even notifies the user when a transcription is complete — to streamline third-party review and correction. ATFA now supports .DOC and .RTF formats, in addition to .TXT. The “Roaming” configuration allows dictation and third-party correction from different network locations and computing devices, while ensuring centralized management of master user profiles.

Enhanced Enterprise-Ready Solution – Dragon Legal now includes enhanced security features, configuration options and administrative tools that make it easy for all users to manage voice profiles, custom vocabularies and commands, feature access, and multiple installations over a network. Administrators can now create a recognition log file for each end-user, to easily and quickly gather rich, objective usage information to achieve better results while saving time. Dragon Legal is Section 508 certified, enabling support for government-mandated accessibility requirements for workers with disabilities.

Increased Mobility – With most professionals constantly on the go, Dragon Legal helps maintain optimal productivity while juggling busy schedules.

  • With the use of a Bluetooth wireless headset users have superior comfort and mobility; wideband Bluetooth support delivers exceptional recognition performance.
  • Use the iPhone®, iPod® touch (4th gen), iPad® or compatible Android™ device as a remote microphone for greater freedom and flexibility on the go.

Learn more about the new Dragon Legal here.  And if you haven’t joined the Dragon community yet, what are you waiting for?  Get social by joining us on the Dragon Facebook page or follow Dragon on Twitter as @DragonTweets. Our Dragon community is a great place to share ideas, get tips, and learn more about Dragon.

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Here’s a quick Tuesday Tip for folks using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC:

If several windows are open on your computer, you can change which one is active and in the foreground in several ways: Say “switch to” followed immediately by the name of the desired application, folder, or document: e.g., switch to DragonPad, switch to Lotus Notes, switch to My Computer, switch to DragonBar, switch to winter projects.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for Dragon tips or questions that you’d like us to address here in the comments. We’ll do our best to feature as many as we can here each week!

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This week we shine the spotlight on the Delaware Division of Family Services (DFS) – our customer of the week! Delaware DFS needed a way to help caseworkers speed documentation turnaround so they could spend more time in the field helping children and families and less time at their desktops — without putting the agency at risk of non-compliance. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional was the solution.

The Division of Family Services (DFS), part of Delaware’s Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families (DSCYF), is dedicated to promoting the protection, safety, and permanency of the state’s youth. With limited resources and mountains of paperwork, the Delaware DFS knew they needed a more efficient way of fulfilling their mission. After instituting a pilot program where a select number of DFS employees tested using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in the filed, the decision was easy to roll out the software to their broader employee base. By using digital voice recorders in the field – along with Dragon’s transcription capability –  and mastering several voice command shortcuts, Dragon has helped to cut the time it takes caseworkers to input notes by up to 75 percent and to increase the quality of their work. One employee explains, “If anything, my notes are longer and more detailed since I’ve been using Dragon. As I’m talking, I add more detail than I would if I were just typing. Other caseworkers have noticed the same thing.” One thing is for sure – Dragon is here to stay for the Delaware Division of Family Services.

Read the entire case study here. (*note: defaults to open .pdf)


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This week we shine the spotlight on Robert, our customer of the week! Robert depends on Dragon NaturallySpeaking to save time and communicate with his associates in different countries.
Schaefer has lived all over the world – jet-setting from Thailand to Bangkok to South America – while conducting an export business. Part of his career responsibilities requires him to communicate with his associates who are based in various countries, but this presented a problem for Robert because he hadn’t quite mastered these foreign languages. His solution was to use a software called PROMT – which performs translations for him – in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking so he could dictate his thoughts rather than wasting time typing. He explains, “I use Dragon to talk to PROMT. I speak what I want in English into the PROMT window and the translation occurs immediately.” He notes that this has saved him an estimated 25-30% of his time.
Since finding Dragon, Schaefer says he rarely uses a keyboard and that he depends on it daily to navigate his workload. He concludes, “…I fell in love with Dragon immediately.”
Read his full story here. (*note: defaults to open .pdf)

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This week we shine the spotlight on Michael, our customer of the week! Having suffered a severe spinal cord injury several decades ago, Michael uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help him fight for the rights of persons with disabilities.

Since his involvement in the disability rights movement back in the 1970s, Michael Muehe has had a passion for fighting for persons with disabilities. With his limited mobility, though, he needed a tool that could help him act as the advocate he wanted to be in a field requiring significant amounts of writing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been the answer for many years – whether it’s dictating notes or writing emails: “Dragon is a big time saver for email. I dictate 95-98% of my emails with it. Most people tend to write abbreviated emails, but I can write a nice, long complete email in under five minutes versus the 15 to 30 minutes it would take me with my fingers.” Today, Michael serves as the Executive Director of the Commission for Persons with Disabilities in Cambridge, MA where he works with the courts, the local community and businesses to educate them on persons with disabilities and how to improve conditions for them.

Read Michael’s full story here. (*note: defaults to open .pdf)

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This week we shine the spotlight on CJ, our customer of the week! As a fifth grader struggling with dyslexia, CJ Wallace had difficulties keeping up with his peers in class – until he started to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Watch this video to hear CJ talk about how Dragon has helped him to improve his performance in school:

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This week we shine the spotlight on Duncan, our customer of the week! As a member of Massachusetts’ Historical Society of Old Yarmouth (HSOY), Duncan Oliver was faced with a challenge when trying to put together a book chronicling the city’s historical events. It was his daughter’s suggestion to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking that ultimately helped him to complete the task in a fraction of the time.

Because old newspaper articles were not archived digitally at the HSOY, compiling stories from years past meant that each one would have to retyped, or scanned through optical character reader (OCR) software – something that resulted in a success rate of only about 70%. With limited resources and unable to hire an expensive transcriptionist, Duncan began using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and found that he was able to work twice as fast as the fastest typist at the HSOY.

Today, several other people at the HSOY besides Duncan have started to regularly use Dragon and the book has been completed. Duncan reflects, “All of this came about because a retired father told his daughter about a proposed project and the impossibility of transcribing these newspaper articles, and then he found Dragon NaturallySpeaking under the Christmas tree.”

Read more of Duncan’s story here. (*note: defaults to open a .pdf)

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Fall is in the air, and that means there are many people going “back to school.” Now, whether you’re in a traditional “education program,” pursuing a degree, or you’ve signed up for an upcoming leadership development course through your company’s Talent Development program, it’s time to get better – at work AND in life. This week, we’ve invited Jason Womack – author, executive coach and triathlete – to come and talk about his latest book, Your Best Just Got Better. This event will feature a *live* Q&A, videos and productivity tips and tricks; please join us today at 11:00am EDT by signing up here!

Nuance: Jason, most of us here at Nuance have read portions of your book and it seems you’re really pretty intense. Where do you get your energy from?
Jason Womack: “My mom!” Actually, I wasn’t always this way. It was just a few years ago – the first day I ever got a check that was made out to ‘The Jason Womack Company‘ – that I realized I had something of significance to share with the planet.

Nuance: That’s interesting, ’cause in the book you talk about the “Ideal Day,” but you don’t really focus in on “making money,” or “professional success” as the only indicator. Why is that?
Jason: Money is a symptom; so is a promotion. Ya gotta DO something to GET something; I think too often people think of the getting as the real-deal…it’s not. The more we do – and that’s what the third part of the book is all about – the more we get. My focus now is on working with executives and leaders who are focused on contribution a little bit more than consumption.

Nuance: If you had to share just one tip with us, what would it be? That is, do you have a favorite part of the book?
Jason: Easy, chapter 5. You see, the 5 people you spend the most time with this next weekend will change you. You’ll read books on recommendations, you’ll go to restaurants people tell you about, you’ll even go on a vacation a friend tells you about because it sounds so good. What I think people don’t realize is that if someone can change their spending and eating habits, what does that mean about their nutrition and relationship experiences? Well, your influence will change what you get.

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As the days get shorter (yes, the months are ticking by), it’s important that you work effectively AND efficiently, getting the most important things done while your at work…so there is a little less homework to do after dinner! Jason Womack, author of the book Your Best Just Got Better, has three tips you can use right away to work smarter, think bigger and make more.

Tip #1: Interrupt people less…with more. The most common interruption in the workplace: A colleague asking if you “have a minute.” In some offices, this may happen 5, 10 even 15 times a day. What if, instead, they asked if you if you have “less than 15 minutes” and brought you a list of the 3 or even 4 things they’ve thought of recently? You may be able to cut the number of interruptions by 25% or more; this will give you longer blocks of time to work, while you’re working! You can practice this yourself (before asking them to do it) by bringing “3 or more” discussion points the next time you “interrupt someone.” Test it out, and see what happens.

Tip #2: Refocus on your Most Important Things. Today, make a list of the 2 or 3 MITs you know need your attention tomorrow. Write these on a sticky note, 3×5 note card, or as “day long events” on your digital calendar. Then, at least 4 times a day (morning, mid morning, noon, afternoon) ask yourself, “Am I working on my Most Important Things?” “What can I do in the next hour to move the mission forward?” Keep your notes throughout the week (Monday through Friday). At the end of the week, review how you’ve spent your time, energy and focus, and acknowledge the progress you made. Whether you feel like you’re neck-deep of the hustle and bustle at the office, or overloaded with your first semester finals as a college freshman, refocusing on your MITs can do wonders.

Tip #3: Your work is to curate your network. The five people you spent time with last week, did they push you or did they distract you? Did they help you, did they encourage you to move out of your comfort zone, closer toward achieving one (or more) of your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals…thanks Jim Collins!)? Set your timer on your smartphone (or microwave oven!) for just 15 minutes and make a list of the people you spent time with over the past 4 weeks, and just what they’ve done to encourage you.

With just 96 blocks of 15-minutes each day, how you choose to use them, how you choose to FOCUS, will positively (or negatively) affect what you actually get done. Use these three tactics to Make More of less daylight. Doing so, you’ll have more time, and energy!, when you get home at the end of the day. What would YOU do with a little more “ooomph” at the end of your day? Let us know, visit www.ShareYourIdealDay.com.

Can’t get enough? Join Jason as he hosts a *live chat* with the Dragon team this Wednesday, September 19th to share more tips and tricks on productivity. We’ll be giving away free copies of Jason’s book, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 and Dragon Dictate for Mac 3! Tune-in here, or by going to the Dragon Facebook page.

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